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The sustainable development :

values deeply entrenched in our roots

The Dehon Group (185M€, 550 employees) has developed a sustainable approach in Chemicals for more than 25 years in various applications: refrigeration, electronic assembly, surface treatment, insulating foam …The CFC ban in 1995, 5 years before the legal date, has led the group to replace 70% of its margin in a record time!

This was the beginning of a two-fold strategy :

  • substitution, as much as possible, of hazardous substances (CMR, bio accumulating, etc… ) in our formulations.
  • creation of new services(engineering, audit, training, etc… ) to master the use of non substitutable hazardous substances including their recovery and recycling..

Globally, in europe, the group has substituted more than 5000 processes.

The sustainable development requires

A continuous effort

During the World exposition in shanghai, in october 2010, Inventec, performance chemical subsidiary of dehon group, decides to go further and to implement a continuous sustainable development approach.

While maintaining our solutions at a high level of technical and economical performance, we also define our products by their key impact parameters on health and environment.

If our engineers improve, significantly, 1/3 of parameters without degrading any of the other, we give the Greenway « label » to this product. If we do not improve further the product within the next 5 years, we take the label off.

This label will be gradually introduced and by 2015 it should cover one third of our sales.

The chemical reality does not imply black or white products where white products, supposedly, do not require any care when used but more or less grey products that we “greenup” progressively.

Up to now, in our high technology sectors, there are no standards defining products or services that are more health or environmental friendly, beyond regulations. Therefore the efficiency of our approach is validated by Bureau Veritas, as well as the products conformity to the new specifications.

inventing a sustainable future

with our customers

Even if we do create formulations with less hazardous substances, we will also continue to provide support to our customers for a safer use :

  • to better handle suitable and well « tuned » equipments,
  • to better master waste and develop reuse after recycling,

The objectives of Greenway are clear:

Innovative formulation, more control over the downstream processes, stricter upstream supply espe- cially for more renewable raw materials, more efficient waste treatment for an increased reuse.

More impact in the processes but less impact on health and environment, this is the future of chemicals for high tech industries …

But Greenway also covers our services ; we will apply this approach to SF6 recycling programs at our custo- mers’ sites (manufacturers of high voltage circuit-brea- kers and transformers and utility companies).

We plan to have 15% of products and 2 services un- der the Greenway label by the end of 2013.

The way we think


We think that this approach goes beyond Inventec products and services. This is a permanent evolution due to a « sustainable » mindset of the whole company. It means thinking about sustainable development right from the design phase and also in all implementation details of production, logistics, customer service etc…

In the long run, 30% of our products and services should meet the Greenway objectives. The extension to other activities of the Dehon group is expected.

This simple, focussed and honest approach corresponds to the state of mind of an international family owned sme in High Tech markets.

Greenway will be a real « green growth » opportunity for our « High Tech » customers.